Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Thank you to all the benefactors, patrons, and supporters who have helped me raise alms money so far this Spring/Summer. I have purchased my flight to Nepal/India as well as some nun colored essential clothing items. Please accept my gratitude and appreciation.

I am starting a NEW CAMPAIGN in addition to offering services by donation.
In order to pay for my basic needs through May 2012,
I am asking 200 PEOPLE FOR $20.
Already 37 generous supporters have given money,
I only need 163 new patrons.

Your donation of $20 will support my
meditation and enlightenment practices
Plus, you get to enjoy any virtue I generate! Wow.

Please read the tab above called "Nun Path" for more info.
If you are inspired to offer alms, please contact me:

May all beings be happy!