Friday, July 5, 2013


Reconstruction of mind, body, brain, and condo pictured above.  House and I are on the healing is a daily effort and takes a lot of helping hands.  I bow in gratitude to everyone who is supporting my life, health, and happiness.  Thank you.  Merci.  And gracias.

Lately I have been pondering the myriad miracles of daily life.  I recently read "Pronoia" by Rob Brezsny and can't say enough good things about it.  The subtitle is "How the Whole Universe is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings".  The book helps turn the mind to what is working, what is good, what is inspiring, what is amazing.

How much WOW FACTOR do you have in your life?  I say bring it on.  Pile it on.  Become a hoarder of wow.  Actually it is easy.  For starters, just think that you came from a sperm and an egg uniting somehow and then a bunch of things happened and cells started forming.  And now look.  A full-grown human body.  And for all its problems, it is actually working pretty well.

My second wow element is to invite the BIG AND into your life.  Here's how:  I have PTSD and I am happy.  I am physically handicapped and I make jokes.  I have daily pain and I am cheerful.  I get triggered, frustrated, annoyed and inspired, uplifted, amazed.  AND.  It's the new but.  Try it.

If you really want to be wowed read "Journey of the Universe" by Brian Swimme.  His eloquent, short book of how the universe began and where it is now will knock your socks off.  I mean come on, the whole universe started out as a teeny, tiny speck and now look.  A full-grown, expanding universe.  All the elements, including the ones in your body were created from stars.  We are made of stardust.

The final wow...and this is going to require some kitchen time, is YOGURT.  I read that cultured foods are shown to help PTSD.  So don't you know I started making my own fresh yogurt.  It fun, easy, and yummy AND it will really wow you.  The first time I made it, I couldn't stop opening the fridge to look at the jar sitting on the top shelf, aglow in the light, like a little miracle right in my kitchen.  Even if you don't eat dairy, make some yogurt.  I promise you will have fun and you can wow your neighbors with a gift - add some organic strawberries for extra delight.

Here's how my wowgurt journey started.  Like all good things, there were dark moments, but...i mean and, in the end, wow won the day.

I had high hopes of using local, organic, grass-fed, raw milk bottled in glass.  This is not a simple wish as it turns out.  You would have an easier time securing medical marijuana than you would getting something as wholesome and natural as milk from a happy, local cow who dines on grass, not corn and soy.  And has never ingested anything made by Monsanto.  I called several grocery stores, dairy companies, and researched the world wide web.  In the end, I compromised.  I found organic, grass-fed milk in a carton.  For now, it will do.

You might live somewhere where it is easier to get the coveted local, organic, grass-fed, raw milk in a bottle.  Perhaps that deserves an acronym...OGFRMB.  Ogfrimbee.  We must all demand it, so it finds a place in the market!

Once you have your milk, here's what you need.  The directions are simple AND you have to follow them exactly, or you won't get wowgurt, you'll get yuckyurt.  Trust me.

1 quart OGFRMB or other best milk you can find
3 tbsp plain yogurt with active cultures (once you have your batch you can use your own)

2 quart stainless steel or non-reactive pot
Candy or deep-fry thermometer
Large stainless bowl
Small whisk
Wide mouth glass jar with lid
Large towel or small blanket

1. put milk into pot over medium heat, bring to boil
2. when milk boils and starts to poof up, turn off heat
3. pour into bowl, put in themometer
4. let temperature drop to 110 degrees
5. meanwhile, whisk 3 tbspn yogurt in the bottom of jar
6. when milk reaches 110, pour a little into the jar, maybe 1/2 cup and whisk
7. pour in rest of milk, put on lid
8. wrap jar in towel, place in another bowl or box to protect
9. place in warm location and if possible, turn on a warm light above it
10.  wait about 5 hours and check, if it looks thick then refrigerate, let it sit up to 7 hours longer for thicker and tangier wowgurt

HOLY COW YOU JUST MADE WOWGURT!  Isn't it fun?  And no silly plastic yogurt container to recycle.  And you can use the milk you love.  You can make extra and give to a friend.  You can strain it for extra-thick greek yogurt.  You can add flavorings.  You can reflect on the gifts nature gives us to make things.  That somehow milk can become wowgurt.  That you are made of stardust.  That the whole universe is conspiring to shower you with blessings.

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