Sunday, April 19, 2015


Well heavens to Betsy somehow three months just zoomed along.  I have a wonderful reason for my absence.  Well two actually.  One is that I have been very busy devising the final plan for my whole life and one that is completely doable.  Just in case you want to borrow my plan and make it your own, I am going to share it with the World Wide Web.  Here it might want to go get a post-it note and sharpie.  I have mine stuck to my bedside table.  After all, you don't want to forget your life plan, do you?  Okay, here it is:


There's not really much to say about that.  Can't really talk about the present moment.  Although I will give you a clue as to where you can find it: your body and breath.  Yep, always in the now, now, now.  

Which kind of brings me to the second explanation for my absenteeism, which is I am totally focused on writing a silent musical called "Humanimal! The Musical" starring Wide Bertha and her ensemble of cellular organelles.  

Humanimal! The Musical is bound to be the sleeper hit of the season.  It is roughly Blue Men meets Cirque du Soleil meets The Muppets.  Some might call it a tour de force feast for the senses, except that it is silent and the lights in the theater are quite dim.  I'm sort of going for the audience niche of introverts with brain injuries, PTSD, and various mobility problems.  The building is completely handicapped accessible.  And not the fake kind of accessible but for real.  All the parking spots are great and there are no steps.  The doors open automatically and the seats are comfy lounge chairs.  All showings are during normal day time hours.  

At this point, you are probably asking yourself, "Why Humanimal and who is Wide Bertha and what in the world is an ensemble of cellular organelles?"  Good questions.  

Humanimal! celebrates the mammal in all of us.  It is an inspiration to look deep within and connect with your inner supple leopard, fuzzy bear, playful puppy.  It is a call for an uprising against thinking, thinking, thinking.  Humanimal! allows you to feel your feelings and explore your senses and delight in being.  

Like the present moment, it is challenging to talk about Wide Bertha because she defies all conceptual thought.  She is a woman, a myth, an archetype, a legend.  She is a Mayan mama, a Polynesian Princess.  I have given you a visual in the Gauguin painting above.  Her skin is brown and warm and smells of kukui cacao.  You may never have met her but subconsciously you long for her.  She radiates unconditional love and is the remedy for this speedy, greedy world.  

Feeling judgmental and critical?  Give it Wide Bertha.  Feeling impatient and frustrated?  Give it Wide Bertha.  Feeling lost and confused?  Wide Bertha again.  Whatever arises, give it Wide Bertha.  You can imagine her on the end of a magical wand which you use to bless yourself and others whenever a little Wide Bertha is needed.  Boop! Wide Bertha to the rescue.  She is wise beyond belief and never, ever separated from the present moment humanimal of her heart.  

As for the ensemble of cellular organelles, perhaps I shall quote the philosopher Jack Handy here, "If you ever discover that what you're seeing is a play within a play, just slow down, take a deep breath, and hold on for the ride of your life."  This is where the silent musical gets pretty lively.  A celebration of being human is never complete without a nod to the very structures that make life possible.  That's right, the cellular organelles.  I have hired Vera Wong to design the costumes.  Imagine colorful mitochondria, the golgi apparatus and lysosomes, among others, dancing and frolicking on the stage in a metaphorical play within a play of what is happening right now, now, now inside your body.  Wow.  Nuff said.

Anyhoo, you can see that my days are filled to the brim with being in the present moment and writing the play and various rehab events.  Not to mention trying in very small ways to be in service to the dharma and humanity.  Phew.  

As for a recipe for this blog post?  Check back soon.  I am concocting the perfect treat for intermission snack time.  And hey, I'll see you at the gala opening of Humanimal! You guessed it, on El Hierro.  Tickets coming soon.  All my love, Tupten Sundru