Friday, July 27, 2018

Living Like a Refugee

May 23, 2018      General Hitchcock Campground

Don’t have to live like a refugee. Who said that? Some rock star. I’d Google it but Google and I broke up in 2015. It was an electromagnetic misunderstanding. And now look, three years later I’m up in the hills camping out as an EMF refugee. Turns out the rock star was wrong; I do have to live like a refugee. And I’m not alone. Worldwide millions of us have nowhere to go. 

You don’t know us. You won’t see us. We can’t go where you go or do what you do. The world is not safe for us anymore. 

We have what’s called ElectroHypersensitivity (EHS). It’s an environmental illness. It means the environment is making us sick. Or rather, the environment is sick and we’re just picking up on it. Poison magnets. But hey, no problem, right? Just get away from the environment. Now let me see, where is that exactly? Maybe Uranus. Jokes aside, what in the world is society going to do about us?

Oh, and EHS often comes with its trusty sidekick: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). That’s right. Two environmental illnesses for the price of one. Yay.

Simply put: chronic illness sucks. But I’ve come to believe that I got EHS so I can help raise awareness and inspire positive change. Manmade electromagnetic fields (EMFs) at current levels are not safe. They’ve not been properly tested. We are the guinea pigs. And guess what? The lab rats are sick.

Like the little boy, I am shouting, “The Emperor is naked!” Like Dorothy, I am pulling back the curtain on the Wizard. We have been duped by the FCC and the Telecom industry. And like the canary in the coal mine, I might die for this cause.

I wish someone had told me what I’m telling you. I was tragically unaware of the hazards of living with 16 smart meters on my condo wall, of keeping my wifi router under my couch, of using my cell phone inappropriately, and more. Now I am very, very sick. I will rejoice if my pain and suffering help shed light on this topic and bring benefit to others.

We are at a critical juncture with technology and harmful EMFs. YOU, the consumer, hold the power of where things will go. Protect your most valuable asset: HEALTH and stop EMFs from becoming the next asbestos, lead, DDT, tobacco fiasco. Why keep repeating the same mistakes? Red flags are already flying. The warning signs say take precaution NOW.

Guess who’s reading those signs? Guess who’s got your back? It’s not AT&T, Verizon, Apple, or Samsung. They’re eager to roll out the deadly 5G network. And it’s certainly not Facebook or Google. They’re researching how to blast the whole planet with wifi. 

I’ve got your back. I love you. And I know you love your family, your kids, and their future kids.
Empower yourself. Protect your cells. Protect your community. Protect the future. It’s actually easier than you might think. And in the bargain you’ll feel calm, focused, and well-rested. Yay for that!

And BTW, everything bad about EMFs holds exponentially more true for children, sick people, the elderly, and anyone with a health challenge. 

Pointing the finger at EMFs is not a Henny Penny the sky is falling kind of thing. We all need to make a paradigm shift. Find out the truth and make informed decisions. I sure wish I had. Now you can do better. Remember what your mom said – safety first.  

Here is your 21st Century Safety Toolkit. Get this informative, funny, and easy-to-read book. Follow the simple protocols to protect yourself from EMF pollution. This book will change your life for the better! It’s the only tool you need.

Together we can make a difference and prevent more folks from getting EHS – a disease Pineault calls “a crime against humanity”. 

Thank you and be well. Love, Thupten Tsondru (Maria August)

For more info on this fascinating subject, visit these great websites (use Ethernet of course!) (watch the Tedx Talk “Wireless Wake-up Call”)

Thupten was recently interviewed by Nicolas Pineault for his YouTube channel! Check it out here

(posted by Sarah) 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Tupten has a scribe!

Hi, I'm Sarah.

As you may know, Tupten has been suffering from some extreme health issues for the last three years that have led to her inability to keep up with this blog (more on that soon).

Tupten has asked me to help her update this blog moving forward, so that she may be able to connect with you all and keep you posted about her life right now. 

I've known Tupten since 2007, when we made a lifelong connection. I'm happy to be able to support her getting her voice heard in any way I can. 

I'm looking forward to being able to facilitate communication between Tupten and our increasingly technological world.

Stay tuned for more soon!