Sunday, August 26, 2018

Reset Salad

CTRL + ALT + DEL. Wasn't that great? Do they still have that? Well, even if they don't, I make it for lunch every day. It's my reset salad.

Perhaps I should explain - especially for you young folk.

Back in the day, when PCs were still quite new, they used to just up and freeze suddenly. Punch a key. Nothing. Hit the Return button 100 times. Nothing. Give it a good whack. Still nothing. But then, oh yes, you remember the secret handshake Reset combo: all at once - that's very important - in complete unison, press the Control + ALT + Delete buttons. (What in the world is "Alt"? Somebody google that!)

Voila and Hooray! You're back in business. Your Pong game restored. Oops, I mean your final paper for PoliSci 101 which you type in the college computer lab and save on one of those hard "floppy" discs. Or print on the lab's communal printer which takes about two hours because there's a looooong line of students waiting and the printer gets jammed every other minute and the paper gets funky because it's all hooked together in perforated sheets with little holes in the sides which have to line up with prongs on the printer. Remember all that? How barbaric.

I digress. What I really want to say is: please make this Reset Salad. It's nutritious and delicious. It's thirst quenching and nourishing. It's fresh and summery. Just like CTRL + ALT + DEL, it will make you happy. Head to your local Farmers Market, grab the ingredients, and delight yourself with a big reset.

Better yet, make a fun salad buffet in glass jars, pack them up in a big box, gather your best friends at a park and enjoy a Reset Picnic. Turn off your phones. Turn off your tablets. Just enjoy the moment and a super yummy treat.

Reset Salad
* vary the amounts depending on eaters!
* all organic or biodynamic ingredients
  • Romaine lettuce - thinly shredded
  • Cucumber - seeded and diced
  • Fennel bulb - diced
  • Celery - diced
  • Strawberries - diced
  • Red grapes - sliced in half 
  • Mint - chopped
  • Cilantro - chopped
  • Pistachios - roasted/salted, chopped
  • Local goat feta - crumbled (optional) 
(I put hemp seeds and kelp sprinkles, but I'm not sure that's for everyone!)

Dress with Greek olive oil and fresh lemon juice. Sprinkle with Maldon salt. Serve with ice cold herbal sun tea. And pass around raspberries and a mix of Alter Eco chocolates for dessert. Enjoy!

P.S. Thank you Sarah for being my scribe. Everyone clap for Sarah. She's over in Hamburg so make it loud. Yay. 

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