The HeartMind Method offers two curriculums for:
©       Resolving stress, anxiety, trauma, and transition.
©       Learning how to meditate.
©       Connecting with your heart center.
©       Rewiring your brain for resilience and joy.

Both courses are a combination of:
©       Heart-based meditation
©       Body-Mindfulness
©       Applied neuroscience
©       Emotional fluency

These classes offer an effective set of tools and skills for managing daily life with sanity!  The information is simple and user-friendly.  The HeartMind Method weaves together the best of ancient wisdom and modern science.

The happiness you seek resides in your HeartMind.  These courses guide you there.

3 Part Class
This three part class teaches you how to calm your thoughts and emotional reactions, how to meditate with your heart, and how to stay in the present moment with joy.  Each session offers bodymind tools for creating inner peace.  The focus is on experiential exercises that create immediate positive change!

Class One
©    How distress triggers the brain and body and what to do about it using neuroscience tools
©       How to rewire your brain for contentment
©       How to release biochemicals of joy and connection and decrease biochemicals of stress
©       How to be and know without thinking
©       How to connect with the present moment
©       Heart-Pause Meditation instruction – a ten second practice to use all day

Class Two
©       Importance of toning the autonomic nervous system
©       How to be unconditionally happy
©       Powers of the human heart and how to harness them
©       How to develop and sustain a daily meditation practice
©       Heart-Center Meditation instruction – a 20 minute practice to use once a day
©       Emotional Fluency practice – how to deal with disturbing emotions

Class Three
©       Overview of previous material
©       How to create inner space
©       How to melt mental and physical contractions
©       Tips on meditation practice and creating a joyful life
©       How to release oxytocin, the feel-good bonding hormone
©       How to turn off the amygdala or fear response of the brain and lower adrenaline levels
©       How to access the good mood areas of your brain
©       HeartMind Training practice – a tool for noticing and changing your thought patterns

                   8 Part Class

Calm Mind – Relaxed Body – Open Heart
Emotional well-being is the cornerstone of a healthy, happy, meaningful life.  Without this crucial ingredient, contentment and satisfaction remain elusive dreams.  Emotional fluency is the secret to being joyful, compassionate, patient, and kind – despite the ups and downs of everyday life.  Moreover, emotional health correlates with physical wellness and strong immune systems.  On every level, emotions shape daily living and quality of life.

Everyone wants to be happy and free of suffering.  Yet most of us lack the tools for managing feelings such as frustration, impatience, anxiety, disappointment, depression, and overwhelm.  Many of us live at the mercy of our moods, looking for relief outside ourselves by chasing after fleeting pleasures.  Stuck in this cycle, we continue to experience more suffering.  Yet there is a way out and freedom is possible for everyone.

What would it be like to feel in charge of your own happiness?  To be able to face challenges with equanimity and strength?  To cultivate a life you love based on joy, empathy, and lovingkindness?

HeartMind gives you the skills to make this a reality.  Based on a unique combination of neuroscience, body psychology, and meditative practices, HeartMind offers you a path to being free of emotional servitude.  Discover your innate well-being of body, mind, and heart.  Get out of your busy mind and into your HeartMind.

Intention & Objectives
Welcome to the HeartMind Method aimed at bringing you balance and unconditional happiness through daily meditation, emotional fluency, and somatic awareness.  These are tools anyone can learn in order to feel more centered, patient, calm, creative, and clear.

Coming into your HeartMind alleviates depression, anxiety, fear, worry, impatience, frustration, anger, trauma, and other disturbing emotions.  Befriend you moods, learn to meditate, and unearth the intelligence of your body; based on neuroscience and ancient wisdom, these skills are simple, effective, and life-changing.

What you get from the HeartMind Method 8-Part Course:

©       Neuroscience tools for creating emotional well-being and happiness.
©       Skills for leading a mindful, meaningful life, including a personal mission statement.
©       Daily meditation practice.

Class One
©       Psychosomatic Network
©       Why the Heart?
©       TOOL: Heart-Center

Class Two
©       Breathing
©       Living Anatomy: Organs; Fluids

Class Three
©       Physiology of Emotional Stress
©       Reaction vs. Response
©       Living Anatomy: Nervous System

Class Four
©       Self-Soothing
©       Boundaries
©       Living Anatomy: Skin; Fat
©       Acupressure for Self-Care

Class Five
©       Sequencing & Unfinished Business
©       Living Anatomy: Muscles
©       Speaking & Listening from the Heart

Class Six
©       Compassion & Lovingkindness
©       Living Anatomy: Endocrine System
©       TOOL: Heart-Fire

Class Seven
©       Somatic Decision Making
©       Living Anatomy: Bones
©       Personal Mission Statement

Class Eight
©       The Magic of Awareness
©       Tips for Continuing
©       Reading List

Fees & Contact Info
3 Part Course: $120-240 sliding scale individual sessions
8 Part Course: $320-640 sliding scale individual sessions
Sessions are generally 90 minutes in duration.  Group/family prices vary.

Tupten Sundru, MA