The HeartMind Method synthesizes meditation, somatic awareness, and emotional fluency.  It offers a unique and effective set of tools and skills aimed at balancing the nervous system, rewiring the brain, and creating emotional fluency.  In the end, people learn to be calm, kind, and content – despite life’s ups and downs. 

The HeartMind Method addresses both physical and emotional issues.  It is appropriate for anyone who wants to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, resolve trauma, relieve anxiety or depression, find a new career path, learn to meditate, focus better, expand creativity, relieve existential angst, feel more positive – the benefits go on and on. 

At the core of the HeartMind Method is a 20-minute daily meditation practice.  It is body-based, heart-centered, simple, and effective.  Anyone can learn this meditation and practice it with ease.  All items on the menu revolve around this ancient wisdom, modern science practice.

Appetizer: Introduction to HeartMind
This 3-part class focuses on balancing the autonomic nervous system, rewiring the brain for resiliency, and developing a daily meditation practice.  A relaxed body and calm mind create the heart of happiness – this class leads the way.   The information is presented in a user-friendly format and is mainly experiential.  This makes it appropriate both for beginners and anyone experiencing emotional overwhelm, distress, extreme states, or life transition.  It might also be called “Keep Calm & Carry On” or “Heart-Centered Meditation 101”. 

Main Course: The HeartMind Method Course
This 8-part class delves deeper into the powers of the human heart.  Each part revolves around a theme, such as the neuroscience of distress, compassion, self-soothing, and boundaries.  Each theme is paired with an experiential exercise to help participants learn how to change their moods, calm their minds, and open their hearts.  The course, which includes a manual, culminates in writing a personal mission/vision statement.  People finish this Main Course feeling nourished, empowered, and joyful.

Dessert: On-going Support
These one-on-one sessions provide the support and guidance people need to maintain a meditation practice and flourish on their life path.  The Dessert round is appropriate for both secular and Buddhist practitioners.  For non-Buddhists, prerequisite is either the Appetizer or Main Course.  This sweet treat is like having a true spiritual friend, who with compassion and enthusiasm keeps you aimed at your aspirations and intentions. 

Fees & Location
The HeartMind Method is available anywhere in the USA by phone and in Santa Barbara, CA in-person.  Individuals or groups/families can book a course and move on to Dessert.  Group prices vary.  Please click on the "Classes" tab to read the full course outlines and their fees - generally $40-$80/session sliding scale.  Call to schedule your course at 805.698.4712.

Personal Statement
HeartMind is my life’s project, both personally and professionally.  I developed the curriculum after suffering multiple traumas and wondering how to manage anxiety, depression, daily mood swings, and PTSD.  I was naturally drawn to meditation, somatic psychology, and neuroscience.  Here, I found methods and tools that help relieve my suffering and allow me evolve as a human being. 

My background is in massage therapy and body psychotherapy.  I have a Master’s Degree from Naropa University in Somatic Psychology and have logged thousands of hours on my meditation cushion!  In 2011, I took vows to become a Buddhist nun and am dedicated to helping people find happiness, contentment, compassion, and joy.

Given the right skills and information, anyone can be more calm, centered, and connected.  Each person has the potential to heal their own lives. The HeartMind Method aims at empowering people to become confident, emotionally fluent, and content – regardless of their life situation.  I know it works from personal experience.  I wouldn’t be here if it didn’t.

Material similar to the HeartMind Method is often too extensive or too academic for people to assimilate into their lives.  For an overwhelmed, overscheduled person in the modern world, picking up a thick book full of heady information and experiential exercises usually goes nowhere.  The HeartMind material is extremely clear, simple, and concise.  This encourages people to use the tools and experience real change and positive transformation – immediately.

I welcome referrals and look forward to helping you and your patients/clients/friends.

Please contact me to schedule individual or group sessions.  Sessions are by phone or in person in Santa Barbara, CA.

Tupten Sundru