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Karisa Sukamto, M.Couns.

I began as a volunteer in the mental health space and pursued my Masters of Counseling to further serve as a dedicated practitioner and educator.  


I collaboratively work with my clients to navigate both their internal and external worlds. My therapeutic approach is informed by a humanistic and trauma-informed lens, drawing from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness-Based practices and Polyvagal Theory. 

I am invested in a holistic, tailored approach to not only manage symptoms and problem solve, yet to encourage lasting evolution by identifying my client’s underlying need and emotional signature.

What to expect in-session is a space where clients may explore and express their thoughts, emotions and felt-sense (body-based instinct) without judgment. Through therapy, clients will gain insights into their behaviour, learn coping tools, and better journey + organise their experience.


Whether you're new to therapy or well-versed in psychology, take a breather with me. 




Masters of Counselling (Executive Counselling Training Academy) 

Certificate in Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health (King's College London) 


Areas of Focus 

Personal Growth

Therapy is beneficial even if you are not in crisis or distress yet notice yourself not living as fully as you might like. 'Self-actualization' posits the human inclination to fulfil one's potential. Therapy and psycho-education accelerates this process by building self-knowledge and unearthing unhelpful beliefs.

​Grief & Loss

Whether it's the passing of a loved one, the end of a relationship, a major life transition, or any other significant loss, grief counseling provides a supportive space to process your innermost experience and explore coping strategies to help carry you through. Together, we'll gently work towards healing and reintegration.


Through introspection and character building practices, we'll develop upon authenticity and strengthen self-concept towards a more positive and accurate perception of oneself. This encompasses exploring one's unique combination of traits, beliefs, values, and experiences that shape's identity.

Teens & Adults

These cohorts are notable for developmental milestones and life transitions. Therapy is a resource for navigating the uncertainties, conflicts, changes and choices presented - while learning to keep grounded in one's authenticity and self-compassion. Gain insight, clarity, and cultivate resilience on your discovery & healing journey.

Stress & Anxiety

Find understanding, healing and relief. Experiment with coping strategies to manage overwhelm, stress and anxiety through approaches tailored to your unique self. Explore triggers and root causes along with your default mechanisms and unhelpful belief systems. Build your capacity for safety with the support of therapy. 


Self-esteem refers to how you perceive yourself and your inherent worthiness. While occasional self-doubt is common, persistent low self-esteem involves negative self-judgment. Therapy aims to challenge negative beliefs, foster self-confidence and reduce feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.


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